2021.09.22 大西屋水翔苑

キャンセルの返金/The refund flow is as follows

After you complete the cancellation operation, the full amount of the online card payment will be immediately processed for refund.
However, the timing of the refund varies depending on the card company, so please ask your card company for details.
If the reservation date and the cancellation date are different, the timing of billing the online card payment amount and the timing of refund may shift.

The refund flow is as follows.

Booking site card company (SB Payment Service Corp. Cancellation refund.

Refund to your card company.

Refund to your card.

It is said that it will be like this flow.

Refunding will be refunded from the bank to the credit card company.
(It may take up to 2 months.)