Authentic Japanese Experience
in Kinosaki Onsen

Onishiya Suishoen in Kinosaki Onsen is a Japanese ryokan with hot springs.
New Japanese modern style inn, which has its hallway covered with tatami mats.
It creates extraordinary and profoundly elegant time for you.


The 28 traditional Japanese-style guest rooms are elegant spaces where you can live a unique experience.
We hope that you will have a relaxing stay here.

Suishoen now offers free wireless internet
service through out the hotel for our guests.


As for dinner, you can enjoy the authentic Japanese meal of dainty and refined dishes,
each served individually using local delicacies and seasonal ingredients.

Grand Spa for men,
Byakko (white tiger)
Grand Spa for women,
Suzaku (red phoenix)


Once upon a time, a white stork with an injured leg healed its wound in the hot spring of Kinosaki.
Knowing such legend through a traveler's book, mind is uplifted somehow, and you feel like taking a bath as soon as possible. The advantage of our inn is to be able to take an inner bath whenever you like, which can make your travel more pleasant.

In the spa, you can view the bright and spacious inner garden, and smell the fragrance of unvarnished wood. You can come to fit with the yukata at the time of second bath even though you might have felt the yukata awkward on your skin initially.

Spas and Jacuzzi
Opening hours: morning 5:30-9:30(close) evening 14:30- 24:00
Quality of the spring (natural hot spring)
Sodium and calcium chloride high hot spring.
Medicinal benefits
Neuralgia, muscular pain (myalgia), bruise (contusion), chronic digestive disorder, piles (hemorrhoids), recovery from fatigue, etc.

Open-air Bath

Opening hours: morning 5:30-9:30(close)

evening 14:30- 24:00

The fresh green of spring, deep green of summer, colored leaves of autumn, snowscape of winter these seasonal views of a gorgeous Japanese atmosphere in the open-air baths will capture your mind, especially those of yours who love hot springs.


Opening hours: evening 15:00-22:00

Use the sauna, then go to an open-air bath to cool down the warm body. Then back to the sauna again the benefit of the sauna is to be able to enjoy it in various ways. It will surely refresh your body and mind.

A guide to Kinoski Onsen

How to use the baths.

After the spa.

How about foot massage after the spa?
We also have black soybean tea, cold water, coffee, etc. prepared for you.
You can drink them all for free.

7 public hot spring of Kinosaki Onsen

Guests of Onishiya Suishoen enjoy free access to all 7 public hot spring.
(From 14:00 to 15:00 the following day) Van shuttle offered in every evening,
to the main area of Kinosaki town.
(From 16:00 to 22:00)


Onishiya Suishoen in Kinosaki Onsen is a Japanese modern style ryokan with hot springs.
A little murmuring stream flows through the courtyard, and it is staged with small bonfires to produce a fantastic atmosphere of Noh performance.
It creates extraordinary and profoundly elegant time for you.
In the lobby, there are free self-service coffee and tea, free Wi-Fi spot.
You can enjoy the time of relaxation.

Rental yukata

In our inn we offer you a rental yukatas for 1,000 yen in additon to a free normal yukata. You can take delight in going around to the outer spas as well as taking a stroll wearing yukatas of various patterns. The size is one size only which fits for everyone.

Small exhibition of photographs of white storks "Kounotori" In our inn, we use the white storks as a Trademark, bird of happiness, literally kounotori (kou-happiness, no-of, tori-bird) as the symbol of the inn.

Suishoen now offers free wireless internet
service through out the hotel for our guests.
28 rooms (Japanese style), 6 rooms (Western style)
151 guests
Banquet Hall
Matsuba ( tatami room, size of 90 tatamis which is equivalent to 149㎡. Thus it can be separated to two rooms of 50 and 40 tatamis. )
Grand spa for men Byakko(white tiger), grand spa for women Suzaku(red phoenix), sauna and Jacuzzi (men and women), open-air baths (men's side and women's side)
Facilities & Services
Dining room "Hiyori", 2 lounges, Shop, Rental yukata, Shuttle bus, Rental bicycles, Free Wi-Fi
40 cars


1256 Momoshima , Kinosaki-cho , Toyooka-city , Hyogo

A guide to Kinoski Onsen

For guests who are supposed to arrive at Kinosaki by train or bus,
please get on the free meeting and sending off bus from the kinosaki station to Onishiya Suishoen.
(From 14:00 to 18:00)